The Oringin of MeNoo Movement

The Origin of MeNoo Movement

If MeToo is a feminist movement that is dominated by women, fighting for feminism, and anti-sexual harassment, then MeNoo, which is in the process of development, is a male-dominated male-right, anti-sex-blackmail campaign.

Since ancient times, it seems that women are mostly in a weak position controlled by the power of men. But once a woman controls a man by means, the man is also in a weak position. In the history of China, there are examples of strong women such as Wu Zetian and Empress Dowager Cixi who control male society. Another evidence of a man’s weakness is that women live longer than men. This is a genetic advantage or a physiological advantage that needs further discovery.

Women have an advantage, especially in terms of sexual extortion to control men and get things they can’t get with physical strength or intelligence. As the saying goes, doing a good job is no better than marrying well. It also shows that controlling men with unusual means is a shortcut to success for the disadvantaged.

From the perspective of sexual science, satisfying sexual needs are good for both men and women. Summarize these benefits, including: making the immune system healthier, lowering blood pressure, getting physical exercise, reducing the risk of heart disease, reducing pain, reducing the risk of prostate cancer (both men and women), improving insomnia, relieving psychological stress, and improving female sexual desire and avoid urinary incontinence and more.

Experts say: Touch and hug can release your body’s natural “feel good hormones”. Sexual arousal releases a brain chemical that activates the pleasure and reward system of both men and women’s brains, enhancing self-esteem and happiness. It is not only a health but also a prescription for happiness.

Since the 1960s, the United States has led a sexual freedom movement and a sexual revolution in the world. This has improved the quality of life of many people and extended their lifespan. However, due to the prevalence of AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases, gender relations have become tense. Because women are more urgent about preventing pregnancy and preventing sexually transmitted diseases, they are less demanding than men to satisfy their sexual life.

On the other hand, due to the tradition of patriarchalism of preferring men then women for thousands of years in China, and the implementation of family planning for several decades, the proportion of males and females youth is out of balance. There are tens of millions of young men who can’t find marrying partners, and they are in sexual adolescence, so some of them are taking risks. For example, there are certain social reasons for DiDi drivers to rape and kill female passengers, which is absolutely illegal.

This inequality in sexual satisfaction between men and women leads to sexual perversion in some men, and long-term lack of sexual gratification can lead to diseases of the sexual organs, such as prostate inflammation and cancer. In fact, due to the lack of sexual satisfaction, women can cause various diseases as well. However, Many women do not correctly understand sex science. They do not start from satisfying their own sexual needs. Instead, they use males’ stronger sexual desire as tools. They either blame male sexual harassment or use this as a tool for sexual extortion.

Whether it is sexual harassment or sexual blackmail, it is illegal and unethical. But in today’s society, it may be easier to treat women as victims and to mobilize the media to seek power. In particular, when involves the powerful and influential people such as the current President of the United States, Donald Trump, who is willing to use the money to settle the woman and the media through lawyers. This leads to the general belief that men are not good, and they are the most dangerous people. Inspired by Trump’s big money to buy seals, more and more women are taking risks to blackmail. As long as they stand out publicly and design a false sexual harassment, men will only spend money to eliminate the lion’s big mouth opening for money.

I have had an embarrassing experience recently. The car was defrauded and the police filed a case. It is difficult to argue.

Such cases occur also in the riches. According to mainstream US media reports, Jingdong’s boss, the billionaire, Liu QiangDong was recently arrested by the police for sexual crimes and then released. The specific reasons need further investigation.

It should be noted that the consequences of sexual extortion may be unimaginable. As reported, President Trump may be possible to trade with Putin in the national interest of the United States in order to satisfy the sexual extortion of the Russian intelligence service. In order to divert attention from the ransomware transaction, various incomprehensible behaviors such as anti-immigration, trade warfare, etc., were transferred from sexual extortion to other forms of extortion. According to reports widely disseminated by the Internet, A former Chinese leader, due to the sex scandals that were extorted by the intelligence agencies in the former Soviet Union, did not hesitate to spend a large stroke to permanently relocate China’s vast territory to Russia.

But not all men are soft eggs. The famous American talk show host, David Letterman, said no to sexual blackmailers, except that he did not manage his sexual organs, admitted that he had a bad extramarital sex, apologized to his wife and was forgiven, and never gave in to the extortion. Eventually, it led to the blackmailer being arrested and brought to justice.

This matter shows that the whole society needs more understanding. We need to understand the evil of sexual harassment, we must also understand the criminality of sexual extortion. To understand the normal sexual needs of men, it is also necessary to understand that women also need sexual adjustment, flirting and pleasure. It is unnecessary and unfair to sexually harass the topic of sexuality and demand, and make it the object of the MeToo.

It should be noted that women have MeToo(rice-rabbit米兔), and men can also have MeNoo(rice-deer米鹿).

MeNoo is a rebellious movement in which normal men are being described wrongly as sexual harassment. It may help to liberate the false accusations of men and get rid of their worries so that they can easily talk about gender issues for the opposite sex. It can also make women liberate and shackle, easily meet their sexual needs, get happiness, and get healthy.

Therefore, MeNoo is not the deadly enemy of MeToo, nor is it an unreasonable defense of real harassment. MeNoo can be a supplement to the rice rabbit, or it can be a warning to future blackmailers: you have the power to be a blackmailer, others also have the rights to not being blackmailed, and the rights to expose the truth.

The author of the article, Xiao Ping, the victim of the illegal extortion MeToo movement, thanks for reading and sharing and help me expose the truth and seek justice.
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