Sex Blackmail Victim Tell the Truth

Summary: The president Trump was reportedly sexually blackmailed by Russia Intelligence and paid sexual blackmail money which encouraged more and more sex blackmails. As a victim of this extortion trend, I choose to stand out to defend myself and refuse to pay the accusers!

Detail: Everyone knows that President Trump of the United States has recently launched a trade war. It’s also well known that his sex scandal may compromise national interests and he paid money to settle female victims, which led to anti-sexual harassment movement in the United States.  However, you may not know that there is another hidden movement, That is the pseudo-sexual harassment movement, which is the sex extortion movement.

According to relevant reports, at least 40% of the so-called victims of the sexual harassment scandal of MeToo actually exposed the sex scandal because the purpose of the money-property was not met. But the sexual behavior between them should happen years ago, and it is likely that their sexual behavior in the past was a mutually agreed activity. Even if there are actions that do not meet the wishes of the accuser, they may have no evidence of a real harassment. It is only under the strong pressure of the media that some people being accused choose to compromise by spending money. Donald Trump spent $130,000 through his lawyer during the election to buy a victim and shut her up. This not only interfered with the elections of the year but also gave birth to the MeToo movement. At the same time, it also catalyzed sexual extortion. I am the victim of this sex extortion campaign. I may not be the first or the last. But I believe that I am the first person to stand up and expose the truth about this sexual blackmail movement.

What is the truth of the facts? That is, more than a week ago, a woman called Renee responded to my advertisement of selling a car on the Internet, then she decided to buy the car after looking at the car and test drive it. Since the cash is insufficient, both parties agree that the buyer should pay a deposit of $500 first, and then pay 300 per week until the end of the payment. It was signed at the time: sell as is, no guarantee. That is to say, the buyer must bear all the responsibilities after selling the car. If there is an accident or damage, the buyer must bear the responsibility of repair the vehicle. Ms. Renee signed a contract to buy the car. She also verbally promised that she would take responsibility and ensure that the contract will not be torn down and that payment will be made on schedule. If there is no payment on time for one week, then the entire debt must be paid in full plus one hundred dollar penalty.

However, the second days after she bought the car, she started complaining that the car had problems. The car has been registered with the state administration under her name. In other words, if the car has any problem, the seller is not responsible, and all responsibility is borne by the buyer.

It is conceivable that Renee has just joined the workforce, and her economic situation is not so affluent. It is understandable that she is short of money and she wanted to get money in any way she can. On the other hand, after a long period of truth research and disclosure activities, I earned a meager income and was recently divorced by my ex-wife and was driven out of our house to become an unemployed person. For the good vision of mankind, I am still continuing to adhere to the long-term truth research disclosure objection without income or low income. As a doctor in science, I have my major inventions or discoveries. These major discoveries can make huge contributions to the cause of human beings. For example, in terms of exposing the truth of our society, in terms of health, and possible contributions to the world peace. I am confident that I can Make some change of history and change the destiny of mankind.

But just when I needed to make some contributions, my little savings were stuck in this unlucky Ford. The car buyer did not pay or repair the car, but was influenced by Trump’s compromising behavior and designed a set of sexual extortion strategies to defraud my car and money. Just when we peacefully reached an agreement, I will help her find another car. I also made a huge concession. She took the initiative to pay me 500 dollars to repair the car or replace with another because if she does not pay $500 to repair the car, she would have to pay 2,000 to 2,500 to repair it. She now looks happy and proposes to meet and finish the business.

Next, we will meet in my storage room as we agreed. When she entered the corridor, she refused to enter the room, just taking pictures. When I invited her into my room, she said that she would discuss with her mother. To my big surprise, a black man and two black women in the corridor appeared. The tall black man claimed to be the father of the lady. The other might be her mother. They said in unison that I had committed sexual harassment crime against their daughter. Putting on a gesture, he said that he wanted to catch me, and said that I should not fuck his daughter but let him fuck me. They then asked me to promise to bring my car title, sign it and hand the car and the title over to them, so that the conflict would be settled, otherwise, they would ask the police to arrest me, and they really started to call the police like an alarm.

The woman’s original impression of a black swan is now more like a black witch. She once said that she did not grow up from a bad education, but was well educated and would pay back the debts on time. It now seems that their family had designed this setup, they like the money of others who are going to swindle and extort. Maybe they heard that I had a foreign accent and thought it was easy to get away from it. But they are more likely to be blessed by Trump to pay for the seal of their mouths. They were inspired by Trump’s easy money. They came to extort me now.

They threatened to put my scandals online, put them in the media, let her reporter aunt report on radio and television. Let my family, wife, and children know. At that time, I was also blinded by their sudden sexual harassment allegations, and I was afraid. I am also afraid of being investigated by the police. Because it is not a good thing to be searched by the police according to a famous actor Zhou Libo’s experience, it is likely that guns and drugs may be found in my place. If so, I have no money and language is not good enough to be called in a lawsuit. Being dragged down, there is no way to do for my great cause. It is very likely to be caught in the entanglement of law and litigation. I saw that when they called the police, I then promised to give them my car title to get this thing settled. It was then the mother of Nanee said that it was too late. The only thing I could do at that time was to leave quickly.

After the incident, they have continued to threaten me to report to the police, and are discussing with detectives and lawyers and suing me. This matter is not over yet, they neither pay the debt nor return the car. They just constantly threatening to expose me to prosecute me and go to jail. The above is a simple experience of my sexual harassment, but this is fake.

This is just a brief story, more are waiting to be further explored and developed. I feel that I should be responsible for making this story public. If I did commit the crime of sexual harassment, I am willing to accept the sanctions and trials of law and public opinion. I may also have to choose to spend money like Trump did. However, if I do not reveal the truth, in the future I am afraid that there will be more sexual extortion and it is more difficult to have healthy sexual relationships. Everyone may face a sexually false accusation and face a ruin, so I decided to defend their possible lawsuits. They may sue, I may respond, or file a counterclaim, or accuse the other party of sexual extortion. I may also accuse President Donald Trump, the initiator of this sexual harassment prank.

The raised fund will be used to get my car or money back, to defend or countersuit, and to try to make a show or movie from my story so as to educate about the sexual harassment and blackmail. To sponsor this activity, click