The Big-Ben Bang Theory 3B大爆炸

The Big-Ben Bang Theory (The 3B Theory)
In 2049, in a rich and powerful country called America, there is plenty of high-paying jobs with skyscrapers, food, medicine, high-tech products, weapons. However, most people in America are not satisfied with their life.Problems such as obesity, cancer, and other diseases, gun violence and terrorists are everywhere.

A foreign-accent scientist pro-democracy activist Xiao Ben from an authoritarian communist country called Cina trying to learn the apparent political success of America, but find out the real secret of why 99% of America is unhappy. However, as he tries to tell the truth in health, finance, secret societies, and terrorists, he finds himself in big trouble such as lost his job, get divorced and lost loved ones and his home, being in dangers of murder and hatred by patriots from both countries.

Being homeless, he went from an Asian gang member to a Dallas Makerspace member, find his love, friendship, making innovative things, TV/movie series, and tell the truth: big-ben bangs is actually fission nuclear explosions, demolitions, and wars that were either happened in the past or will happen imminently.



无家可归,他从一个亚洲的黑帮成员, 达拉斯的Makerspace成员,发现他的爱,友谊,创新产品,制作电视/电影系列,说出真相:3B大爆炸实际上是聚变核爆炸,核拆迁和核战争, 即是已经发生的事情,或者是即将随时发生的人类灾难。